Friday, 23 October 2009


People of London come and join Christ Loves London and let’s spread Christ’s great love across the capital! We, the inhabitants of London, owe this to our beautiful and exciting City!

The aim for Christ Loves London is to create a centre and erect a statue of the Lord Jesus Christ like the spectacular one watching over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; that over looks the whole of London and its surroundings. This place will be where anyone can go to find out anything they ever need/want to know about the Lord Jesus Christ, Christianity and discover the key to the Holy Bible.

It will be a meeting place for all Londoners and visitors where they can feel at home. Christ Loves London wants all the people of London to feel loved and valued regardless of their creed, race, background, gender, disability, sexuality and age. However, in order to make this happen, your support is vital. Christ Loves London needs you to join us and have your say. Christ Loves London is looking for every Londoner to take part and come up with fresh new ideas to where the site will be and how it is run. These ideas will be gathered and be presented to the Mayor of London.

People of London, Christ Loves London is asking you to help make this project happen. This statue could be part of the London 2012 Olympics and there after.